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woo lol lets fuck this shit up!
Favourite genre of music: dance, new age, the type most find anoying oh and i hate all rap but eminem.
Favourite cartoon character: D off vampire hunter D, he's anime but i love him one day i want to find a guy like that.
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Pick 5 numbers.

First number between 1-20.
Second between 21- 42.
Third between 43-60. (remembering to only pick one number between the give numbers)
Fourth number between 61-81.
And final number between 82-109.

That's a lot of numbers, write them down somewhere to remember them.

Now when you're ready scroll down to see what you have picked.

The words have been kept as obscure as possible to inspire you but not restrict your artistic interpretation of them. Good luck, and draw whatever comes to mine with the words you have picked.  It's a challenge for you don't give up at the first brick wall, knock it down or go around, or pick a new set of numbers. Enjoy!

There is an after word to help if you're confused or stuck on what to do.

1. Long
2. Short
3. Tall
4. Thin
5. Fat
6. Spiky
7. Bumpy
8. Slimy
9. Smooth
10. Feathers
11. Fur
12. Scales
13. Futuristic
14. Skeleton
15. Hot
16. Cold
17. Autumn
18. Summer
19. Spring
20. Winter

21. Horns
22. Tail
23. More than 1 tail
24. More than 2 hands
25. More than 2 feet
26. More than 4 feet
27. More than 2 eyes
28. No eyes
29. No arms
30. No legs
31. More than 1 head
32. More than 1 mouth
33. Claws
34. Beak
37. Scares
38. Antenna
39. Tentacle
40. Wings
41. More than 2 wings
42. Shell

43. Fighting
44. Swimming
45. Flying
46. Walking
47. Standing
48. Running
49. In a group
50. Alone
51. Exploring
52. Eating
53. Drinking
54. Sleeping
55. At peace
56. At war
57. Fear
58. Hope
59. Anger
60. Sadness

61. Giraffe
62. Leopard
63. Cheater
64. Tiger
65. Husky
66. Alsatian
67. Damnation
68. Zebra
69. Scarlet macaw parrot
70. Peacock
71. Cow
72. War paint
73. Tribal paint
74. Religious celebration paint
75. Rainbow
76. Gray
77. Panda
78. Racoon
79. Koi carp fish
80. Monarch butterfly
81. Coral snake

82. Trees
83. Sea
84. River
86. Pond
87. Forest
88. Volcano
89. Lava
90. Moon
91. Sun
92. Planet
93. Grass
94. Rocks
95. Cake
96. Clouds
97. Space
98. Hills
99. Mountain
100. Snow
101. Ice
102. Rain
103. Rainbow
104. Lighting
105. Beach
106. Cave
107. House
108. City
109. Mushrooms

After word: having trouble figuring out what the words mean? Here are some hints tips and tricks.

Remember this is only a guide don't be restricted let your creative side out!

Column 1 explained. What does your subject matter or character look like? Or your base word to guide how everything looks. Remember words can be interpreted in many different manners. The word Winter could mean drawing a winter themed picture or using only winter selection of colours (blues & whites). If you don't like the word you don't have to make your picture entirely based around the word only a small part or corner can be devoted to winter.

Column 2 Details. Details to add to your subject matter or character. Don't like drawing wings but you picked it anyways? Who said it had to be on your character, put a bird in the background its got wings. ;) No eyes? Draw your subject matter or character looking away.

Column 3 explained. What is your subject matter or character doing? What's happening around them? What are they feeling? Did you pick sadness but don't want to draw your subject matter or character sad? Why not add in something else sad that's sad it's not as awesome as your subject matter or character?

Column 4 explained. This number you can drop if you wish or keep it to add to the challenge. The purpose of this column is to add detailed markings or patterns. You may have to look up some of the animals. Again do what you want with your drawing, if you don't want your subject matter or character to have any marking put the marking elsewhere. Another animal or clothes perhaps, or maybe the trees have zebra print leaves?

Column 5 background. Add a scenery it doesn't have to be much. I know some people hate adding a background but it's all part of challenging yourself to work outside your comfort zone in drawing. If you pick something you're no good at drawing like city, why should a city be the traditional sky scraping buildings? How about an underground city or Atlantis? Or maybe a city to your subject matter or character is a collection of small huts or burrows.

The purpose of this exercise is firstly a fun game to play alone or share with friends. And secondly I hope it helps some people who are stuck for something to draw, or have artist block. Also it may also help anyone going to do art GCSE's or A-levels, in the exams you may get obscure questions sometimes to base an entire years work on.  Hope you enjoyed and had fun now pass it on to all your artistic friends!

By: Alexandra Doyle.

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